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Hydrate to be Healthy & Wise

September 25, 2018

 Succulent, juicy and plump is a sign of both a healthy cactus and healthy hydrated skin.

 To survive in harsh, dry conditions Cactii have developed techniques to hold water within their fleshy folds and use of their spines to provide shade as well as reduce air flow creating a mini habitat within a habitat. We humans however whilst being incredibly amazing are not able to “hold our water “ quite so well ☺️ 

We constantly need to take in fluids to hydrate and to stay alive. Our brain function, health & immunity, our skin & eyes all suffer very quickly when we dehydrate or remain dehydrated for any length of time. Pretty much every function in our body requires H2O and every cell in our body, trillions & trillions of cells, require a certain volume of fluids to be healthy, vital alive. We need a healthy level of fluid both inside our cells and outside our cells, bathing our tissues, and creating a nice cushion like effect to help hold and maintain an internal pressure keeping everything in place.

          Mayella Organic blog post Hydrate to be Healthy & Wise try sipping a Herbal tea                         

Water helps your body to regulate your body temperature as well as eliminate waste when we perspire and essentially acting like a delivery service of vital nutrients through our Lymph system. Spring cleaning as these vital fluids flush toxins and waste away to collecting points around the body. 

Being hydrated even helps our appetite, stops a false sense of hunger & creates a feeling of being more satisfied when we eat. 

Hydrating tips:

Fill a BPA free bottle with filtered clean water & take it with you where ever you go. 
*Drink more caffeine free herbal teas - refreshing, remedial & hydrating!
*Put a slice of lemon or fresh mint leaves in your bottle of water to help you enjoy drinking H2O if you're not a fan. This also your kidneys absorb the 2-3 litres a day you’re drinking and make it into your cells, not simply peeing it all out ☺️

* A super easy way to tell if you cells are dehydrated is to pinch the skin on the back of your hand gently. If the fold of skin stays up for a few seconds or longer, you are dehydrated. Drink up sunshine!

* A strong sign you are dehydrated is when your wee is dark and perhaps a bit strong smelling. Sip clean water steadily until your wee is clear and no odour - you will feel a lot more energised too! 
*For every caffeinated drink you enjoy, drink at least 2-3 glasses of pure water to compensate. 

* Invest in a good water filter or purifier to be sure you are drinking clean healthy water. It make sit so much easier to drink as it tastes so very good! Your body, skin, eyes, taste buds and brain will love you for it.


         Hydrate to be Healthy & Wise Lemon & Mint water                            

Love light & laughter

Amanda & Robyn xx

        Mayella Organic Skin Nutrition Tea

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