Mayella Vitamin A Night Serum Sample

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jasmine | lavender | bergamont 

A highly concentrated and regenerative aid, Mayella ® Vitamin A Night Serum is an anti-aging serum designed to repair and renew cellular integrity of the skin. With pure botanical essences to heal, balance and calm the skin’s surface for a youthful appearance, the over-night serum actively contributes to the process of skin regeneration via its involvement with ‘keratinization’.  This process involves the thickening and hardening of our skin cell walls as they age, lose integrity and rise to the surface. 


The Vitamin A acts as an antioxidant and is necessary in maintaining the epithelial cycle of cell renewal and growth by supporting immune function, collagen formation and cellular health.  Enhanced with pure jasmine to offer hydration to cells whilst uplifting, balancing and energizing, the serum also contains bergamot to act with its antiseptic properties to clear congestion. Lastly a hint of relaxing lavender for its calming and healing natural antibiotic effect.


Mayella ®  Vitamin A. Night Serum effectively:

  • Regulates gradual thinning of skin cell walls in mature skin 
  • Promotes smooth skin tone, accelerates cell renewal, and restores damage from UV radiation 
  • Protective function for improving dry and dehydrated skin
  • Syncs with the skin’s natural action of repair and renewal that operate at night while resting
  • Assists in regulating oily and acne prone skin 


  • Note: Not recommended for women during pregnancy  


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