Mayella Vitamin B Vital Lotion Sample

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ginger | cinnamon | orange

A highly concentrated B3 cream, Mayella ®  Vitamin B Vital Lotion is a revitalising aid which helps to boost tired supressed skin and actively repair damaged skin cells. The lotion’s lead active ingredient Niacinamide (B3) encourages the production of natural emollients that the skin needs to remain hydrated. Hydrating at a cellular level, Mayella Vitamin B Vital Lotion extends moisture through to building an increase in tissue hydration via it’s influence on healthy lipid formation.


Sister to the Mayella Vitamin B Active Lotion, the organic Vital Lotion has a unique fusion of powerful organic aromatherapy pure essential oils. Known for its healing ability to raise the body’s immunity, the pure ginger acts for the same purpose for skin cells as it dries and expels dampness and congestion in the tissues whilst warming and energizing. Paired with cinnamon to encourage circulation and cell warmth, the lotion is also laced with uplifting sweet orange for it’s antiseptic and clearing properties. 


Mayella ®  Vitamin B. Vital Lotion effectively:

  • Promotes healthy immune function of the skin tissues
  • Improves the tone of dull, tired skin by boosting cell vitality, skin immunity and circulation 
  • Powerful uplifting hydration tool 
  • Soothes and repairs irritated, sensitised skin


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