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13 Years of Caring for Your Skin & Health: Our Journey and Ongoing Commitment

June 07, 2020

Our journey is one of a small fish in a big sea, using our family business to make a positive impact and difference to people’s lives.

Recently, we reached the wonderful milestone of a decade in business. To celebrate we collaborated with a talented artist, Daria Di Cieli, to create an animation version of our real life Mayella HQ and family. Visit us via the link here to enjoy a virtual tour.

Now, onwards & upwards to our lucky 13th year in providing organic, handmade products that we crafted to improve the health and wellness of people in Australia and around the world. We are still as passionate and creatively invested in bringing you the very best in quality and efficacy throughout our range. Every drop of Mayella is precious!

Being a mother-daughter business by Robyn (mother) and me, Amanda (daughter) we combined our careers and skills to build a brand that is part of a bigger picture — to create a healthier planet while supporting ethical business practices.


Mayella CoFounders Amanda and Robyn at a desk with open laptop holding and discussing Mayella Products 

Over 30 years of caring for community

My career as a holistic therapist, which includes Aesthetician and beauty therapies, remedial body therapies, aromatherapy and reflexology, started well before Mayella ®.

I still need to pinch myself when I think about the generation of people I’ve been privileged enough to take care of over the past 30 + years. Clients and their friends, partners, neighbours and daughters, sometimes taking care of whole families. Not to mention the beautiful pregnancies and babies, some of these babies now as adults are amongst the community.

The health challenges that changed my course

I grew up dairy intolerant and with a tendency to anemia. Exploring my dietary intolerances, brain fog and fatigue as a teenager led me to look into foods, nutrition and exercise as a solution.

My deep love of Nature and plants, combined with this exploration and a growing understanding of health and nutrition, ultimately led me to become a holistic therapist.

I was lucky enough to train at an academy aligned with doing things the old fashioned way — the right way — even if it took longer. My time working for others, having my own clinics and an urban spa all helped me to identify needs that were lacking within treatment protocols.

I noticed that the most readily available products were mostly highly commercial and focused on marketing (more than health).

The day we decided to take that step

One serendipitous day my mother and I looked at each other and had a conversation about putting our knowledge and combined abilities into helping a wider community.

And from that conversation, our business was born.

Right from the beginning, it has been important to look for pure, natural and organic ingredients from Digenous sources, sustainability, supporting local communities and embracing the unique attributes that this brings to the ingredient.

We set out to make ethical choices with clean ingredients while saying no to those toxic to our health and environment. This meant looking outside the box for suppliers we could trust and with clean sources that could be traced. For example, saying no to plastic microbeads and palm oil was an important choice. While it can sometimes make the formulating a little trickier, creating products that are beneficial for our skin, bodies and our environment makes the extra effort truly worthwhile.


Becoming a part of people’s everyday lives

We’re aiming to show people how simple it can be to make healthy choices in everyday life, whether you’re a hard-wired professional needing sustenance, an athlete or in training or most importantly - supporting a growing family.

Couple preparing a healthy meal in their kitchen

When my kids were babies I used to put spirulina and barley grass into their yoghurt – it was so green! And also fun to take photos of them learning to self-feed with healthy food all over their cute faces. But mostly, it was satisfying knowing they were getting that amount of nutritional goodness from such a young age.

That’s a big driving force for us — wanting to help people and families become better and healthier, without a lot of extra work. You’ll never feel like you’re depriving yourself if you’re able to break it down to little steps like simply focusing on adding extra nutrition or leaving out the unnecessary toxins to boost what you’re already doing.


These are the three categories that represent our philosophy and mindset around embracing a connection to our inner and outer health:

Organic Tisanes

Our tisanes, or herbal teas with remedial benefits, are ancient healing remedies made from combinations of roots, leaves, flowers, seeds and fruits. Tea is an age-old drink for wellbeing in all cultures. Our organic teas are all loose leaf for the ultimate flavour and blended for the sipping pleasure as much as their healthy attributes.

Organic Nutrition

Our award winning organic nutritional products are formulated based on being whole foods not isolated compounds. They are close to Nature, which means minimal processing, no additives and naturally balanced nutritional profiles as they occur in Mother Natures garden - plant based perfection! In consideration of todays busy living, hectic environments and the nutritionally deprived inert soils many crops are grown in, supplementing with concentrated nutrients is a must do not a maybe for resilient immune systems, energy and optimal function of our amazing bodies and minds. Extra especially in support of growing young bodies requiring densely nutritious foods to reach the demands of nourishing mind and body! 

Organic Skincare

Our natural and organic skincare range is bio-active, toxic-chemical-free and not tested on animals. It's no secret that many processed or refined ingredients used as preservatives, absorb not only into the skin, but also into our lymphatic system, tissues and bloodstream. So that’s also why it’s important not to compromise on the quality of ingredients that you’re applying to your skin. Of course you want to choose skincare that is effective and results driven and we are proud to share that Mayella is formulated to deliver exactly that - being natural and organic doesn't make us any less than high performance when it comes to supporting your right to healthy, radiant, resilient and glowing skin!

Our commitment going forward

Even after 13 years, our business remains built on family, ethical values, positively serving and growing within our community. Positively impacting on a micro-level (us and you) and macro-level (society and the planet), supporting health, wellness and sustainably for a better tomorrow for each and all.

I believe that “health trends” are driving a negative impact on our planet as we flow through new trends every few years. We do need to come back to the premise of not overproducing, putting sustainability as a key factor in production and balancing consumer demand. Think of deforestation for example, driven by commercial crop demands.

As a company we are conscious about the effects these trends can have on the environment and we pin ourselves firmly on a board with a foundation of ethics in everything we do. Part of that is also respectfully honouring the (sometimes slow) journey and its steps, learning, exploring, embracing, and implementing complimentary strategies as we go.

The feedback, testimonials and in recent years, awards, make it all worthwhile and powerfully reaffirm why we’re doing what we are.

Photo collage of Mayella skincare and nutrition products Choose each day the simple, effective ways you can love your health and wellness to support a lifetime of health and wellness. You are your best investment - nourish to flourish!

Would you like to see how our products can help you? View our range here.


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