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The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation 

The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation (ALNF) is a national charity assisting people in our most marginalised communities to gain vital language, literacy, and communication skills. ALNF's specialised and innovative programs address the needs of a diverse range of individuals and communities – specifically targeting First Nations, refugee, and other vulnerable Australians. We believe that literacy is freedom - literacy allows individuals to access education, participate meaningfully in our society and to have a voice. It is a basic human right. 

Rewild WWF

WWF has a long and proud history. We've been a leading voice for nature for more than half a century, working in 100 countries on six continents with the help of over five million supporters. Passionate and dedicated people like you. WWF partners with governments, businesses, communities and individuals to address a range of pressing environmental issues. Our work is founded on science, our reach is international and our mission is exact – to create a world where people live and prosper in harmony with nature 

Mae Tao Clinic (MTC)

Mae Tao Clinic (MTC), founded and directed by Dr. Cynthia Maung, provides free health care for refugees, migrant workers, and other individuals who cross the border from Burma to Thailand. People of all ethnicities and religions are welcome at the Clinic. Its origins go back to the student pro-democracy movement in Burma in 1988 and the brutal repression by the Burmese regime of that movement. The fleeing students who needed medical attention were attended in a small house in Mae Sot.