Negative Ions: How To Expose Yourself to Their Amazing Health Benefits

Negative Ions: How To Expose Yourself to Their Amazing Health Benefits

August 31, 2020

There are negative ions all around us – around moving waters (like waterfalls, rivers and the ocean's edge), in the forest and even in our garden, especially after the rain.

They can even be abundant indoors with plants, small water fountains or salt lamps.

But what are negative ions?

Negative ions are basically charged particles in the air. They’re abundant in natural settings and are beneficial for our physical, mental and emotional bodies.

As sentient beings, our body chemistry and nervous systems are tuned into our environment more than we realise. We are affected by things like gravity, the Lunar cycles on our tides (high tide to low tide) and there are even increased birth rates around the full moon (you can ask any midwife or doctor about that!).

Then we have our physiological responses like our 'fight or flight' instinct and how our adrenal glands respond to stress, danger, anxiety and tiredness.

And while we’re so tuned into our environment, we don’t often stop to think about it or wonder what we can do to connect to our environment in a more positive way for our bodies.

Because nature is important to our lifeforce and creative inspiration at Mayella, we want to change that! Here we’re going to share with you our favourite ways to expose yourself to the incredible health benefits of negative ions.

flowers and branches in the shape of lungs

Make a conscious effort to get out into nature

We know that being out in nature serves as an emotional connection to Mother Earth. But it also helps us physically in cleansing, calming and detoxifying.

We need to spend time in nature to restore our energy as much as we need clean air to breathe. So it’s important to step away from our electronics and indoor lifestyle and get outdoors as much as we can.

Surround yourself with plants

Visit your local farmers market and buy a few potted herbs and plants to put on your kitchen window, balcony, at your back door or in your bedroom.

Herbs are so fun to grow and you'll enjoy picking leaves for your meals.

Watering your plants and nurturing them to grow is rewarding and they give back with their ambient beauty, increasing the negative ions and oxygen in your environment.

 rainbow created at the base of a waterfall

Find the outdoor gems in your area

Check out local parks and nature walks on council websites. You'll be amazed at how many options there are close to where you live.

Take the time to go for a walk, a picnic even, and breathe it all in!

Sunny days or grey, the negative ions are there waiting for you.

Keep your hydration up

Hydrate not only with clean water but also with fruit waters, green juices and herbal teas. They help your kidneys to flush out the toxins, acidity and salts your body doesn’t want. 

Herbal teas also help your body to maintain a healthy electrolyte balance – meaning a good balance of minerals and healthy salts to maintain a healthy cellular environment. It's basically an inner micro version of our gardens after rain.

Immerse yourself in the goodness after it rains

Connect to your inner pluviophile... 

Meaning: Noun - A lover of rain. Someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days. One who loves rain.

Next time it rains, step out into the garden, smell the air after the rain has stopped, sit or stand quietly and observe how you feel as you breathe and simply be.

Pure therapy. There is a reason why the rain helps us to feel fresh, cleansed and calm (hint - the fresh air and negative ions help!).

woman outdoors with arms out breathing in fresh air

At Mayellla we don’t like to be far from Mother Nature – plants, gardens, forest or the sea. She forms the core of who we are as people and serves as the inspiration behind our products.

So we wanted to remind you, especially when life this year has been all about #StayHome, that nature is calling you. There are many simple ways you can enjoy Her in your everyday life, if only you just look around to find them.


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