Traveling with Mayella – Japan ! !

Traveling with Mayella – Japan ! !

November 09, 2018

Travelling with family is always fun and this adventure we headed to Japan.

Japan is an Amazing country with so much to see and do – two weeks is just not enough. We spent a few days in
Tokyo taking in the sights and what a rush to the senses it was. Tokyo is big buildings, bright lights,
tiny little side streets full of little bars and traditional Japanese restaurants but still holding
Japanese tradition with its shrines placed around the city. We are lucky that our kids love Japanese food so eating in Japan was simple and we took advantage of eating some of the freshest Sashimi and the kids favourite Katsu curry ! !

Travel with Mayella Japan citylife

We visited Meiji Jingu Shrine, located in Shibuya. It is the Shinto Shrine that is dedicated to the deified spirits of Emperor Meiji and his wife.
The surrounding gardens were so peaceful amongst the bustling of Shibuya. At the entrance to the
Shrine the is a water pavilion to purify oneself before praying. You begin by washing your hands with the
bamboo ladle, first your left hand, then your right.
We were fortunate enough to witness a traditional Japanese wedding whilst visiting the shrine.

Travel with Mayella Japanese wedding ceremony

A corner of Japan you’d never expect! !

Ishigaki Island is Okininawa’s third largest and is the hub of the Yaeyama region and the last of the
Okinawan island chain. We flew down to Ishigaki knowing that there was a Typhoon heading our
way but thats all a part of the travel adventure.
We stayed at Club Med Kabira Bay which was fantastic for us and the kids. Ishigaki Island is unique Its tropical with stunning white sandy beaches, warm crystal clear waters full of beautiful marine life. Amazing swimming and snorkelling
and the rich forests, you could easily be mistaken for Hawaii.
Travel with Mayella - Island time Japan
We did miss out on seeing the Manta Rays and Turtles which Kabira is famous for but still so many colourful fish and clams.
Ishigaki is small but there’s so may great little spots to visit like Cape Hirabubozaki lighthouse with amazing
views up and down the coast, Kabira Bay, Cape U.
Family Island holiday Japan with Mayella
Ishigaki has so many beautiful little sandy bays you can swim and snorkel from. I would recommend hiring a car and drive around and explore the Island its the best way to see the whole Island. You can get a ferry across to Taketomi and Iriomote Islands which are both accessible from Ishigaki. Missing out seeing these islands because of the Typhoon will give us something to explore next time we visit ! !

Island Mythology ! !
You will see Shisa statues everywhere is Ishigaki these are a traditional statue of the Ryukyuan
culture they resemble a lion and a dog. These statues came from Okinawan mythology. The Shisa
statues are used as protection from evil spirits. There is always two statues one female (closed
mouth keeping the good spirits in) and male (open mouth to chase the evil spirits away). I think the
Shisa gods looked over us during the Typoon’s keeping us all safe without too much damage to the
Island. !!!
Travel with Mayella - Japan Okinawa Shisu Statues

Being Thankful ! !
So amongst all our travel and adventures and wild weather. I was blessed to be using the beautiful
Mayella products to keep my skin healthy and hydrated. Being an avid ocean lover through surfing,
swimming and living an active lifestyle its important to protect your skin from the elements. We
spend hours in the sun and salt water so sun protection is so important for our family! Using
Mayella products daily helps to keep our skin healthy, glowing and recover from our adventures.
My daily go to’s were definitely the cleansingserum to clean off any excess zinc, multi vitamin enriched whip and vitamin C lift serum.
It definitely makes a difference having a good skin routine in place and having the travel size bottles
makes it so easy to take anywhere when you travel.

I am so grateful that we get to travel and explore as a family and blessed to have an amazing network of creative people to surround myself with.
I’m so looking forward to our next adventure,
Thank you Mayella & Japan
Sarah xxx

Sarah is Mum of 3 water warriors, Yogi surfer ocean lover active living avid traveller and blessed Sister in our amazing Mayella community

Travel with Mayella - Japan Blogger Yogi Surfer

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