Traveling with Mayella – Life is what you make it, here’s to making it good in L.A.

Traveling with Mayella – Life is what you make it, here’s to making it good in L.A.

June 23, 2018

Whats all the talk about…

I’ve heard many mixed reviews about LA so I decided it was time I came over and sussed out what this creative hub was all about. 8 weeks have gone by and I fall more in love with this city everyday, from quirky artists to homeless drug addicts, its certainly a place which has opened my eyes . I spent the first 5 weeks living downtown which is an interesting place to say the least….You have fun alternative cafes and beautiful loft apartments and just around the corner you have skid row, which is lined with homeless people sleeping in tents which reminded me of how blessed I am to be living the life I live. Downtown also has many cool bars. A favourite of mine was unfortunately just under my building, a little Mexican tequila bar called Las Perlas. This hidden gem has live music, salsa dancing classes and every tequila known to man. My time in DTLA was fun but if your planning on staying Downtown then be prepared to spend a fortune on Ubers getting anywhere if you don’t have a car.

From one day to the next…

My time in Downtown came to an end and me being the girl that I am of course left it until the day before I had to move out to find somewhere…Yes that’s right…it was a Wednesday afternoon and I jumped on the Facebook page “Aussies in LA’ 9 yes that exists) and found a room to go and look at that afternoon and said ok great can I move in tomorrow? It all worked out perfectly and I spent two weeks staying in this adorable house on Melrose avenue with a house full of boys from the Australian Bachelor series…yes that’s right a house full of good looking Aussie men…Not so bad for a last minute stay and I was happy to meet some fun new friends….Travelling is all about experiences, meeting new people and getting out of your comfort zone. I have learnt so much over the past few years from traveling on my own and I feel its something we should all experience sometime in our lives. It teaches you to grow and learn how to communicate in ways I can’t explain.

OK so back to Melrose…

Melrose is probably my favourite area so far…The street filled with all the weirdest and coolest stores and people, form second hand thrift stores to funky bars + cafes, Melrose Avenue certainly is great for people watching and cool fashion. I feel that being out here has really inspired me to just be me, wear what I like and to not be afraid to be different, after all where’s the fun in being anyone other than yourself!!

If you’re a fan of ramen you’ll be in food heaven at TATSU RAMEN on Melrose, this is hands down the best ramen I have ever had so do your self a favour and check it out.

So cool…

SOHO House the “cool” spot that you can only go to if you have a membership or if you’re with someone with a membership, which are apparently very hard and expensive to get. There’s no cell phones or photos allowed and you’ll often be sitting across from many celebrities. I was a happy girl eating my pizza across from Gossip Girl star Chase Crawford. If you get a chance to eat here then the truffle pizza is to die for or the Sunday brunch where you can sit and eat non stop for hours, safe to say I rolled out of there 5 hours later having eaten enough for 5 people.


Vintage lives at Melrose Flea Market…

If you love vintage clothing you’ll adore this market. There’s all kinds of random vintage goods and you can spend hours here sorting through racks and racks of old classics. From antique jewellery to old school denim jackets, shoes, rock band t-shirts and iron on patches, it’s a fun place to spend your Sunday. Sit, chill, eat and listen to some live music while admiring all your vintage purchases.

Getting lost is easy…

Hidden waterhole, Malibu. I wish I could tell you where this was but I actually have no idea. I was taken on a very cute date on a hike and at the end of the hike there was a swimming hole that you could jump off the rocks and swim which reminded me so much of my childhood and home. We took a picnic and sat on the rocks in the sun eating treats and enjoying this beautiful touch of paradise. I do Love LA because you can have the best of everything in the World. There is so much beauty and fun things to do just like you have in the country. You have the beach, waterholes, shopping, nightlife, cafes, fashion and basically anything you could ever want. I often hear people say that LA is filled with fake people who only ever want something from you, but my belief is you attract your vibe and anywhere in the world you might be you can make amazing genuine friends if you believe you can. I can safely say I’ve met some incredible friends here and I’m so thankful that anywhere I go in the world I find people I love.

Keeping my fit on…


Only 10 minutes walk from where I am now living (with a comedian that I also found on “Aussies in LA). I have been doing this hike once a day. Its perfect as its only about 45-50 minutes to do so I can fit it into my busy days of studying and exploring. Sunset hikes are my favourite and last week the bachelor babes and I hiked up and had sunset beers and some good laughs. Exercising and doing fun things doesn’t always have to cost much money and most of the time the simplest things are the most satisfying. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a fancy dinner here and there, but if I had to make a choice, a messy burger and a patch of grass will do me just fine.

Grateful for the real things…

Fill your life with experiences, not things. Travel, find new friends and focus on being present, enjoy the moment. Be grateful for everyday as you’ll never have that day again and most of all enjoy being YOU.

A special thank you to MAYELLA for keeping my skin hydrated and glowing in this dry Californian weather. I truly can’t explain how much you have changed my skin and I wouldn’t travel without you.

Happy Travels , Brooke xx

Travel Tips for your Skin:

  1. Hydrate when you travel to new places. A lot of the time jet-lag, being over tired and getting sick easily can be traced back to not drinking enough water to keep up with changes in altitude, more or less humidity, different eating habits and foods than you’re used to. Don’y always trust tap water if you’re used to drinking tap at home. Always buy good bottled water and remember to try to dispose of bottles thoughtfully – recycle bins !
  2. Always make the time to look after your skin and health with your usual 5 minute morning and evening Mayella skin care routine. You want to come home radiant not aged, not to mention glowing in all your holiday pics! Our must take products are found in our MAYELLA Travel set. The Green Harmony Capsules are a sure thing to support your health when travelling and some reports back from our fans who travel regularly with their Mayella Green Harmony are they not only help to keep their energy levels up but also with being regular..if you know what we mean 🙂
  3. Even though you don’t want to miss a thing while you’re travelling, getting some quality sleep is a definite plus. Travel overnight sleeping on the bus, train, plane is ok and allows you to make the most of every day but for most people, its not quality sleep. Vary the travel times and appreciate that getting there is part of the journey. Even try to schedule in a little afternoon siesta, you’re on holiday – its a thing and definitely helps to build up again for the evenings adventures!
  4. Don’t forget to move your body! Exercise is so good for your skin and keeping your body energised and in sync with your mind. Ever found you can’t sleep because your mind is overstimulated just won’t shut down? A good walk not only gives you an introduction to your new environment from a different perspective, it helps you to burn off some energy in a way that balances your physical with your mental, releasing a few nice happy endorphins at the same time. No one ever wants to say no to the happiness endorphins.

Brooke Chamberlain embraces Hollywood life

Brooke Chamberlain lives every day to its fullest, saying yes to every opportunity to learn, live, grow! A personal trainer, film and media personality, travel, fashion and interior design blogger, you can learn more about Brooke here: Brooke Chamberlain

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