Bamboo Straws

reusable bamboo straws

Food-safe and made from natural bamboo stalks

These bamboo straws are carefully handcrafted without the use of chemicals. This makes them perfect for enjoying your health drinks and smoothies, knowing they’re safe for you and good for the environment. 

Eco-friendly and sustainably-sourced

These straws are made by boiling, drying and polishing natural stalks of bamboo that have been harvested in the northern mountainous regions of Vietnam. Each stalk is collected by hand, supporting small family businesses and ethical land management. Bamboo grows abundantly in these areas so the land is never sacrificed to produce them.


  • 100% natural and food-safe materials
    Each straw is made from a carefully prepared stalk of bamboo, with no chemicals, glues or colours used in the process.

  • Reusable and eco-friendly
    These straws take up minimal space making them easy to carry around to avoid the use of disposable (plastic or paper) straws.

  • Two sizes available
    The thinner straws are best for runnier liquids like water and juice while the larger ones are best for thicker drinks like smoothies.

  • Buy a single straw or choose a pack of four to save
    If you love using straws for all your drinks, choose a pack of four so you’ve always got one handy. As a bonus, choosing a pack will save you money.


There are two size options to choose from. The juice straw has a smaller internal diameter and the smoothie straw is wider internally.

Both straws are 20cm in length.


Made from 100% natural bamboo stalks.


Source and sustainability

Mayella Bamboo Straws are sustainably sourced and handmade in Vietnam, supporting small family businesses. 

How to use

To get the most out of these bowls, please follow our special care instructions:

  • Hand wash your bamboo straw in warm soapy water (not dishwasher safe)

  • Use your straw brush to clean any buildup out from inside the straw

  • Rinse straight after use

  • Not suited for a microwave, oven or other forms of extreme heat such as drinking very hot drinks

  • Don’t leave your straw/s soaking in water

  • Air dry on a dish rack and away from puddles of water

  • Wash before first use

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