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crystal body roller

Crystal rolling is an ancient practice in the art of massage and pressure points for skin health, skin tone and vitality of the lymph fluids and muscles, bone structure and nerves. Stimulating these tissues helps to reduce puffiness, stagnancy, cellulite, lymph congestion, inflammation and Mayella Rose Quartz Crystal Body Roller is a most effective way to rejuvenate and revitalise your skin. Especially when used with our natural and organic cold pressed body oils.

Helps to invigorate the lymphatic system for a healthy complexion

Rolling on the skin helps to flush toxins from the tissues by stimulating the lymphatic system and lymph drainage. The increased blood flow also brings fresh oxygenated blood to the tissues, facial muscles and nerves, improving the health, vitality and tone of your facial muscles. As you roll you are smoothing wrinkles and visibly exercising your face, creating more brightness, improved complexion, clarity and a healthy glow. 

Rounded four ball head Crystal Roller for effective Stimulation.

The rounded  Rose Quartz four head ball roller is beautifully shaped and spaced to circulate and stimulate around all of your body areas in support of detoxifying and decongesting your tissues. Regular massage of the body is an effective way  to maintain body tone and vitality as circulation is improved along with skin smoothing, cellulite reduction and a calming of the nervous system.  

Your crystal roller

Crystals have vibrational frequencies that range from deep and earthy to high and cosmic. We are drawn to a stone or crystal often without knowing why but feeling a resonance, a connection. ​​Choosing a particular roller may be an intuitive connection, simply being drawn to a colour, shape, or perhaps connecting to the vibrational properties of the crystal and the healing energy you would like to bring to your daily skin ritual.

We have selected Rose Quartz as the Angel to work with when rolling your beautiful body.

Rose Quartz

Compassionate Rose Quartz brings deep emotional healing and acceptance - the Queen of unconditional love. Opening one’s self up to and accepting self love, promoting that being in love with one’s self is essential before love is accepted from others. Rose Quartz helps to establish appropriate boundaries and to be able to say 'no' with love. Standing firm and empowering respect for one’s own needs, helping to learn that unconditional love does not mean sacrificing yourself.

As one door closes another opens, Rose Quartz heals heartbreak and disappointment as it attracts mutually loving relationships and acceptance within the ability to receive. Invoking self-trust and self-worth and strengthening empathy, sensitivity and interactions with others and finding loving resolutions to conflict.

Rose Quartz - Heart Chakra, higher heart.

Traditionally associated with Adrenals.

Affirmation whilst rolling with Rose Quartz - “I am worthy and deserving of love and loving relationships. I love myself unconditionally and value my presence in the world. Today I lovingly heal every beautiful cell in my body and vibrate in the light of love.”


[Reference for crystal higher energies - Crystal Companion by Judy Halls and Amanda Parker - Mayella Founder and Holistic Practitioner.]


100% true stones and crystals held together with premium-grade zinc alloy. Lightweight, strong and resists corrosion.

No dyes or fake stones or glass.

Non-porous and will not harbour bacteria.

Our rollers are of nature - carved with love and craftsmanship. Attention to detail means the roller will function smoothly and won’t squeak or catch or break (unless dropped or used inappropriately).

How to use
Create a regular routine of rolling your body when you get out of the shower, quick towel dry, then apply oil to slightly damp skin and begin rolling. Incredibly relaxing before bed in the evening and a wonderful revitalise, energise in the morning!

Try to keep your movements smooth, gently firm and connected to the skin as you flow along with the bone structure. There is no need to press or push too hard in an effort to "go deep”. This may risk breaking the handle and a gentle, steady, firm action will be effective and nurturing, sending a much more effective message to your tissues and body intelligence.
Hold the handle with firm, confident grip without needing to focus on gripping.

Use your body roller:
- across your chest and around your breasts 
- under breasts and gently between the ribs from the middle to the sides. Curving gently to roll up and down under armpit to gently encourage drainage of lymph glands under arms. 
- along forearms, front, up and under upper arm, bicep and tricep.
- across belly, up and down belly. Bringing movements to the sides to encourage drainage of lymph effectively.
- legs feel amazing, with up and down movements and across on the thighs, front, inside and back. Gently up and down over insides and outside of calves.

Tip: Wrap your roller in a Mayella Fibre Cloth and place it in the fridge for 20-30 mins to cool down and give a “cryo” facial to revitalise and invigorate tired skin. This cooling effect can also help to effectively reduce inflammation,  
Likewise, placing the roller in warm water then rolling over your favourite serum helps to more deeply infuse the Body Massage Oil into the skin.

Clean by rinsing under warm water and leave on a soft towel or cloth to air dry in a safe place.

No need to use soaps or detergents but if you do feel the need to rinse any product from your roller with something stronger than warm water, please use an earth-friendly, non-chemical, gentle detergent or soap.

As with your crystals and gemstones, place your roller out under a full moon to energetically cleanse your crystal - it will be gratefully received by your roller!


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