Mayella Organic Cleansing Serum

jojoba | sweet almond | lemon

A gentle daily cleanser for all skin types

Mayella Cleansing Serum is an effective and gentle daily cleanser that removes makeup, sunscreen and excess oils and is suitable for all skin types, adults and teens.

Breakout and acne skin types will benefit from using Mayella Cleansing Serum as the oils are sebum-friendly and rich in Vitamin A, helping to treat acne while cleansing the skin without clogging the pores. The soothing, anti-inflammatory and nourishing properties make this serum just as perfect for dry, irritated and sensitive skins.   

Deep cleansing while nourishing and protecting your skin

Using a serum to cleanse your skin breaks down the day’s environmental buildup while never stripping your skin of its precious, natural oils. Mayella Cleansing Serum will be instantly soothing and can help to calm and heal skin affected by various conditions.

This serum is also ideal as a wet shave medium, helping to minimise shaving irritation, sensitivity and redness, leaving your skin smooth and calm. It is an ideal beard cleanser and conditioner, leaving the skin supple, fresh and breathing. 

Supporting teenage skin
Teens struggling with inflamed skin and acne can use Mayella Cleansing Serum to start healing and rejuvenating their skin. It’s especially helpful if their skin has been deprived of natural oils from using harsh acne products.


  • Gentle and effective cleansing
    Removes makeup, sunscreen, excess oils, environmental pollution and dirt, without stripping the skin’s natural oils.

  • Helps to soothe skin conditions
    Mayella Cleansing Serum is gentle to use with inflammatory and sensitive skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and rosacea.

  • Versatile as a shaving medium and beard cleanser
    Helps to protect the skin while shaving as well as nourishing the skin under a beard that is prone to drying out.

  • Suitable for all skin types
    Natural facial cleanser that is suitable for people of all ages and all skin types, including teens and people prone to oily skin. 


Mayella skincare is 100% pure, gluten-free, animal cruelty-free, dairy-free, palm oil-free, and never contains any petrochemicals, alcohols, parabens, nanoparticles, GMOs, fillers or bulking agents.

Natural ingredients

Olivane ™ – Assists in cellular hydration, renewal, and restoration of immune suppression.

Jojoba Oil* – Effectively hydrates and protects the skin cells.

Sweet Almond Oil* – Soothes and nourishes with essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals.

Vitamin C – An essential nutrient with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Pure Lemon* – Cleansing, clearing, and anti-bacterial while strengthening connective tissues.

* Certified Organic Ingredients. All other ingredients are classified as wild grown or natural plant extracts, naturally organic minerals, vitamins or compounds.

What is Olivane ™?

Olivane ™ is a special Mayella power ingredient made from squalene. Squalene is a superantioxidant and fighter against free radical damage, oxidation and UV radiation.

In healthy human skin, squalene is found abundantly in the membranes forming our cells and is an essential part of various processes in the body. We wanted to create products that deliver superantioxidants to your skin so we created Olivane ™ – a concentrated formulation of squalene's protective benefits.

You will see Olivane ™ in many of our products as it now forms the base of many items in the Mayella skincare range.


Source and sustainability

Mayella ® Natural and Botanical Skinfoods are 100% pure, clean, vegan skincare made in Australia. We source globally from the optimal geographic destinations, boutique producers and it is our privilege to work with growers of fairtrade and sustainable origins.

How to use

Use morning or night.

Shake bottle well and apply 1 – 2 pumps of cleansing serum onto the palm of damp hands. Rub hands together and apply lotion over the entire face and neck.

Massage gently, circulating well into the surface of the skin. If required, add a small amount of warm water and continue to massage until the cleanser is worked well into the skin. Remove cleanser with a soft wet face cloth or wet Mayella Fibre Cloth.

Mayella Cleansing Serum will not leave face and neck tight, but rather fresh, clean and ready for exfoliating.

Store in a cool dry place below 30°C / 86°F.

If you are wearing makeup, you may wish to cleanse twice. First to remove the makeup, then and secondly, so your skin receives the full conditioning results of our cleansing serum.

Our Mayella Cleansing Serum will effectively remove all sunscreens. It is very important to gently remove sunscreens to avoid breakouts and skin irritation from blocked pores. You may wish to use a double cleanse method if the sunscreen is a little stubborn.

Facial hair:
If you have a beard or moustache, massage well into the base of your facial hair to help with removing the buildup of flaky skin or dead skin congesting the skin surface. This serum acts as a healthy skin treatment with the AHA’s to help rejuvenate skin, reduce any redness or irritation and improve hair and skin softness.

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Customer Reviews

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Mayella Organics
Cleansing Serum

My daily go to cleanser - my skin loves how calm, soft and fresh it feels. I massage cleanser in before I get in the shower and face cloth off at the end of my shower - its like a treatment for my skin.

Tahlia Maree
cleanse without stripping

"The most beautiful products from the most beautiful family run company! I use the cleansing serum daily after practicing Hot Yoga. It cleans without stripping or stressing my skin and it's full of vitamin C! The repair serum is incredible - my skin had been so dry from the cold Melbourne winter wind and it's made the biggest difference! Couldn't recommend them highly enough."

Jo Churchill
Love my cleanser

I love the cleansing serum, so hydrating and beautiful and soft to use, my lashes love it too!