Mayella Alkalise Green & Go Formulated Blend

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detox | weight loss | digestion

Organic plant superfoods combine for a synergistic formulation to alkalise and gently detoxify, switching on metabolic processes, cleaning the blood, lymphatic system and vital organs. An effective way to enjoy natural weight loss and improved digestion with an extensive nutrient profile and particularly rich in chlorophyll and iodine.


The Beauty Shortlist Awards - Judges Comments

“An excellent superfood combination, I have been adding this to smoothies and love the alkalising effect” – judge’s comment 2019 Beauty Shortlist Wellbeing Awards 

“If you only take one thing to boost your overall health at multiple levels (we’re talking about better immunity, heavy metal detox, better gut and liver function, better cognitive function, clearer skin, more energy and better stress tolerance) an intelligently-formulated supplement like Mayella’s award-winning Green & Go supergreens blend should be it” The Beauty Short List Awards

“Green & Go is the difference between feeling OK and feeling really good” – judge’s comment 2019 Beauty Shortlist Wellbeing Awards

“A glass of Green & Go first thing in the morning - or in the evening, instead of a week night glass of wine - could be the health and beauty game-changer you’ve been looking for. Expect clearer skin, healthier nails and hair, more energy, better immunity, and more optimal functioning of the liver, gut and hormones, too” – judge’s comment 2019 Beauty Shortlist Wellbeing Awards 

- Get switched on ! Add 1 teaspoon to your room temperature glass of water or juice first thing in the morning to immediately begin supporting vital energy cycles and oxygenating your body.

- Complete vitamin and mineral profiles in every teaspoon help to ensure you are getting the trace elements you need for health and wellness.

- Gluten free source of all B Vitamins including folate.

- Nothing synthetic in our supplements! Our blend is a natural organic whole food concentrate, grown, harvested and gently dried to preserve the enzyme activity and life force of the plants.

- Plant based source of healthy unsaturated fats. Good fats are needed for healthy brain and nerve function, healthy hormones and beautiful skin.

- A gentle daily detox helps to springclean your body, flush acidity and support efficient lymph function. You feel better and have more energy when your body isn't holding on to toxins and general metabolic waste

- Naturally rich source of Vitamins A, C, D, E, K and minerals iron, zinc, iodine, selenium, calcium.

- Sugar free! No hidden sugars, flavours or bulking agents - pure, raw and natural concentrated goodness of 100% organic plants

- Clean, lean, green vegan source of protein - the building blocks containing essential amino acids required for hormones, enzymes, skin cells, brain chemicals, muscle mass.

- Easily digested and completely bioavailable nutrition with valuable fibre necessary for healthy digestion, elimination and bowel function

- Daily enjoyment of Mayella Alkalise Green & Go as a juice or in a simple smoothie supports healthy weight loss and maintenance

Recipe ideas:

Alkalise Shot: Add 1 teaspoon of Mayella Alkalise Green & Go to 100mls of room temperature filtered water. Stir in well and drink any time of the day to revitalise. To assist with detox or weight loss have first thing AM before breakfast

Watermelon Hydrate / Detox Juice: Add to blender - approx 1/4 fresh Watermelon off rind, 100ml Coconut water, small handfull mint leaves, 1-2 teaspoons Mayella Alkalise Green & Go. Blend well and serve. Will stay fresh in the fridge for 3-5 days. Tip - Chill melon & coconut water to serve chilled or add ice to serve frappe style if you wish.

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