Mayella Fibre Cloths

25 bamboo cleansing cloths

Multi-use face cloths, perfect for daily cleansing

Mayella ® Fibre cloths are strong, yet soft, bamboo face cloths, perfect for everyday use. They are gentle and non-abrasive, making them a great option when cleansing skin suffering from painful breakouts or acne. These cloths are compact and can be used at home, at the gym or packed in a sports or travel bag. 

Get more out of your daily cleansing and skincare routine

The open weave of Mayella Fibre Cloths helps to gently lift out debris, congestion and makeup from the pores and leave your skin refreshed. The wipes also help to move your cleansing and exfoliating products further in and around your skin, working more efficiently than using only fingers and hands.

You will be able to reuse each cloth around 4-8 times meaning one will last up to 2-4 days if you cleanse morning and night. After its use, add these cloths to your home compost or simply dispose of them in the bin, knowing they will completely biodegrade to their natural form. 


  • Soft and gentle to use on even the most sensitive skins
    Mayella Face Cloths are fantastic for all skin types but are particularly helpful for sensitive skin that is prone to acne and breakouts and needs a thorough but gentle cleanse.

  • Multi-use wipes
    You will be able to reuse each cloth around 4-8 times or for 2-4 days each.

  • 100% natural and biodegradable
    These Mayella Face Cloths are made from 100% natural bamboo fibre with no harmful chemicals used in the making process. They will break down in a home compost or if disposed of in the bin.

  • Perfect on-the-go cloths
    These make the perfect little travel companion. Put your Mayella Organics skincare in the washable mesh travel bag with your fibre cloths so your cleansing routine is on-hand whenever you need a freshen-up.


Approx. 32 x 34cm (sizing may vary due to the fibre’s natural stretch). 

25 wipes per pack.


100% natural bamboo.

How to use

Rinse well after each use and hang to dry. Perfect for when you travel as they dry so quickly.

If you’re wearing more than light makeup, you may want to hand rinse out with gentle liquid soap before drying. However, you will find the cloths rinse super well and don't hold onto most makeups unless they have a high mineral oil content.

If you are experiencing heavy breakout or acne skin, use only one cloth per cleanse to avoid recontamination of infection. This practice will help to clear inflammation, infection and breakout cycles.

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