Acai Berry Beautiful Organic Superfood

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Deliciously packed with powerful superfoods and antioxidants

Mayella Acai Berry Beautiful is filled with superfoods, antioxidants and nutrients that are essential for various health systems in the body – the immune, cardiovascular, digestive and nervous systems. A daily dose of Acai Berry Beautiful’s antioxidants is the secret to supporting healthy, radiant skin, as every teaspoon enhances collagen and elastin production cofactors for supple, youthful skin.

So much goodness the whole family will love

Acai Berry Beautiful is bursting with our very own Australian Native Kakadu Plum - the world's highest known food source of bioavailable vitamin C. It's packed with natural antioxidants which help to ward off seasonal colds and flu and keep the immune system strong. The 100% natural flavour, sweetness and soluble fibre in this superfruit mix are available thanks to the additions of beetroot and mango, which also support a healthy heart.

Acai Berry Beautiful is suitable for all the whole family and during pregnancy. It's the perfect way to ensure your loved ones are enjoying all the good things that nature intended.


  • Helps to support and boost the immune system
    Superfruits blend to protect your health and boost your immune system. Bursting levels of antioxidants and high vitamin C levels help to resist infection and disease, aid recovery from sickness and help prevent rapid aging.

  • Supports the body and energy
    Helps to balance and overcome the effects of stress and to reduce symptoms of fatigue.

  • Helps promote bright eyes and glowing skin
    Mayella Acai Berry Beautiful contains antiaging and skin-boosting nutrients that promote strong connective tissue by enhancing collagen and elastin production.

  • Suitable for the whole family
    Safe for all ages and an easy way to pack nutrients into your or your family’s diet. Stir into water, milk, yogurt, a smoothie, or eat it straight off the spoon. 


Our organic nutritional blends are clean, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, caffeine-free, palm oil-free, and never contain any fillers, sugars, or bulking agents.

Organic ingredients

Amazonian Acai Berry* – High in antioxidants, helps to build immunity, supports the cardiovascular system, aids digestion.

Kakadu Plum – World's highest food source of vitamin C, nourishes and protects the skin, promotes collagen production, encourages clear, bright skin.

Mango – Antioxidant, high levels of fibre, pectin and vitamin C, helps to lower serum cholesterol levels, supports eye health and assists the skin to self-repair.

Blueberry – Powerful antioxidant, protects the brain, supports healthy digestion, supports improved vision, supports colon health, helps to restore hormone balance and counteract acne.

Raspberry – Aids weight management, reduces inflammation, helps to lower the risk of chronic diseases that are associated with chronic oxidative stress and chronic inflammation.

Cranberry – Anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidant, helps prevent cardiovascular disease, aides protection against bacterial urinary tract and bladder infections.

Blackberry – Antioxidant, nutrient-rich, high in bioflavonoids, supports mental clarity and focus, reduces intestinal inflammation, supports alleviation of hemorrhoids, soothes diarrhea, helps to regulate menstruation and effectively help the blood to clot.

Strawberry – Overflowing with antioxidants and phytonutrients and high in vitamin C. Beneficial for heart health, skin elasticity, collagen formation, and repair and protection against oxidative stress.

Beetroot – Low GI, high in soluble fibre, supports healthy intestinal flora, helps to reduce high blood cholesterol levels, supports healthy growth of skin, hair and nails and boosts stamina to help maintain energy levels.

Manuka Honey - Immune-boosting and supports healing, soothing for sore throats, helps to reduce dental plaque and gingivitis, helps to lower cholesterol, improve diabetes and ease IBS and cystic fibrosis. Wound healing and antimicrobial properties when applied topically.


Source and sustainability

Mayella Nutritional Blends are 100% clean, organic and made in Australia, formulated to support ultimate health and vitality. We source ingredients globally from the optimal geographic destinations and it is our privilege to work with growers of fairtrade and sustainable origins.

Mayella Acai Berry Beautiful is also certified palm oil-free with Orangutan Alliance. 


How to use

Mayella Acai Berry Beautiful can be incorporated into your day in many ways...

  • Enjoy it straight off the spoon or add to your water or milk of choice to make a delicious berry juice

  • Sprinkle over fresh fruit, yogurt, muesli, bircher, fresh oats or porridge

  • A teaspoon taken 2-3 times a day can be all you need to boost vitality and help prevent infection such as colds, sinus, or sore throats

  • Whip up a delicious, instant berry milkshake for children (and adults) when you add 1 teaspoon to a glass of chilled milk of choice or blend with milk and ice

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mandy Owen-Jones
Acai Berry Beautiful Organic Superfood

Love the taste. So far used it mainly as a topping on my fruit when I want to supercharge it. I haven't used it yet in smoothies but looking forward to trying that soon.

The BEST berry blend

This blend is so good!! It tastes great in smoothies but I've started just eating it straight off the spoon for a quick health and energy kick. The addition of Manuka honey means you can eat it by the spoonful without getting a dry, powdery mouth. Highly recommend it!

Hua Li

Taste good

Wan Yee Chung

Mayella Acai Berry Beautiful