Mayella Crystal Eye Masques

crystal self-care and relaxation eye mask

Cool down tired eyes and puffy skin

Mayella Crystal Eye Masques help to reduce and clear puffy eyes and dark circles from the face. Store it in the fridge wrapped in gentle fabric and have it ready to use first in the morning to relax and soothe tired eyes and puffy skin. 

Helps to reduce tension and anxiety

The added weight of the Mayella Crystal Eye Masque does for the face what a weighted blanket does for an anxious body. The gentle pressure helps to create a sense of calm when experiencing anxiety, sinus pressure, headaches and neck tension. Use this masque whenever you need a minute to recharge or to add another element of relaxation when meditating, deep breathing or simply unwinding at the end of the day.

Choosing your Crystal Masque

Crystals have vibrational frequencies that range from deep and earthy to high and cosmic. We are drawn to a stone or crystal often without knowing why but feeling a resonance, a connection. ​​Choosing a particular Crystal Masque may be an intuitive connection, simply being drawn to a colour or perhaps connecting to the vibrational properties of the crystal and the healing energy you would like to bring to your daily skin ritual.

Read through the energetic properties of each crystal to choose the one that resonates with you...

Rose Quartz

Compassionate Rose Quartz brings deep emotional healing and acceptance - the Queen of unconditional love. Opening one’s self up to and accepting self love, promoting that being in love with one’s self is essential before love is accepted from others. Rose Quartz helps to establish appropriate boundaries and to be able to say 'no' with love. Standing firm and empowering respect for one’s own needs, helping to learn that unconditional love does not mean sacrificing yourself.

As one door closes another opens, Rose Quartz heals heartbreak and disappointment as it attracts mutually loving relationships and acceptance within the ability to receive. Invoking self-trust and self-worth and strengthening empathy, sensitivity and interactions with others and finding loving resolutions to conflict.

Rose Quartz - Heart Chakra, higher heart.

Traditionally associated with Adrenals.

Affirmation whilst using a Rose Quartz Masque - “I am worthy and deserving of love and loving relationships. I love myself unconditionally and value my presence in the world. Today I lovingly heal every beautiful cell in my body and vibrate in the light of love.”

Black Obsidian

Strengthens the connection to one's roots, being present, standing in your own power. A deep cleanser and supporting energetic protection, removing negative influences. Black Obsidian taps into our connection with source and embraces our true essence enhancing our spirit within a body journey.

Black Obsidian clears confusion and helps to create clarity while also grounding. Assists to detoxify and remove blockages around power, abuse of power and being in one’s own power.

Traditionally associated with digestion, detoxification, arteries and joints.

Black Obsidian - Base Chakra, Sacral Chakra.

Affirmation whilst using a Black Obsidian Masque - “I stand in my own power. I acknowledge my inner beauty and strength and see myself achieving my goals. Today I release all negativity and embrace my light.”


Amethyst enhances memory, improving motivation and decision making. Aligns with meditation, stilling the mind and repels negative energies. Enhances the third eye and ability to connect with higher consciousness. The favourite stone of St Francis of Assissi - Amethyst is affiliated with lovers of love and a divine connection.

Traditionally associated with cells, hormonal and immune systems, intestines.

Amethyst - Third Eye, higher consciousness.

Affirmation whilst using an Amethyst Masque - “I still the chatter of my busy mind and allow the stillness to come in. With a loving heart, I listen to my inner voice, respecting and trusting the guidance of my higher self to choose wisely and in my best interests. Today I release all criticism and negativity towards mySelf and move forward in love.”


[Reference for crystal higher energies - Crystal Companion by Judy Halls and Amanda Parker - Mayella Founder and Holistic Practitioner.]


100% true crystals connected with smooth circular nylon thread, supporting flexibility of the eye mask crystals.

No dyes or fake stones or glass.

Non-porous and will not harbour bacteria.

How to use

Place in the fridge for 20-30 minutes before use. Alternatively, if you are using your eye mask daily, you can leave in the fridge in a special container that you won't forget about. Leaving your eye mask in the fridge in a container ready for immediate use is optimal in the summer, if you are experiencing seasonal sinus or allergy symptoms or even headaches.

To use, create a relaxation spot like a couch, bed or bath and prepare your favourite meditation.

Take the Crystal Masque out of the fridge, place it over your eyes and cheeks as a gentle pressure mask and allow yourself to melt away for as long as it feels right for you.

For the ultimate self-care ritual and relaxation, use the Crystal Masque after a facial masque treatment and/or a facial massage, skin rolling or Gua Sha to compliment the healing benefits.


If needed, clean by rinsing under warm water and leave on a soft towel or cloth to air dry in a safe place.

No need to use soaps or detergents, but if you do feel the need to rinse any product from your masque with something stronger than warm water, please use an earth-friendly, non-chemical, gentle detergent or soap.

As with your crystals and gemstones, place your masque out under a full moon to energetically cleanse your crystal.

To store, have a place on your dresser or even your altar, where you can see the eye mask daily, reminding you to enjoy using it and also building a relationship with your crystal companion as you would with any of your crystals.

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