Anti-aging & anti-inflammatory Multi-vitamin Enriched Whip

aloe vera | pomegranate | carrot

Vitamin lotion and daily superfood for your skin

This Multi-Vitamin Enriched Whip is bursting with ingredients that add a daily superfood to your skincare routine. A combination of essential fatty acids (EFAs), antioxidants, vitamins and minerals help to replenish, protect, heal and hydrate the skin deeply. This whip contains calming and regenerative properties promoting collagen production and skin elasticity.

Anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, perfect for mature and sensitive skin types

Mayella Multi-Vitamin Enriched Whip helps to naturally protect against sun damage, free radicals and chemical exposure. Mature skin types and those experiencing sensitivity, redness, blotchy or irritated skins will love the calming properties on their skin from the pure pomegranate. This whip also helps address the variety of varying skin conditions that you may experience daily, with internal and hormonal changes or external and environmental influences.


  • Bursting with regenerative essential fatty acids (EFAs)
    The plant oils and omegas make this whip an amazing regenerative moisturiser. It absorbs quickly and is light and fine, leaving no film or greasiness.

  • Improves tone and promotes tighter skin for a youthful glow
    It helps to stimulate and protect the very building blocks of the skin. Powerful antioxidants work to preserve collagen and elastin fibres to improve skin tightness, firmness and smoothness.

  • Daily protection and intensified antioxidant therapy
    Provides natural protection from the sun, free radicals and chemical exposure. Perfect as a natural hydrating primer for under makeup to protect your skin throughout the day.

  • It helps to soothe irritated and highly sensitive skin
    This soft whip stimulates blood flow to maintain cellular hydration and regulate the skin. Aloe vera assists in quick absorption and acts as a healing electrolyte to retain hydration.

  • Perfect for all ages from tweens to mature
    Suitable for all ages and all skin types, including dry, sensitive, oily and combination skin.


    Mayella skincare is 100% pure, gluten-free, animal cruelty-free, dairy-free, palm oil-free, and never contains any petrochemicals, alcohols, parabens, nanoparticles, GMOs, fillers or bulking agents.

    Natural ingredients

    Olivane™* – Assists in cellular hydration, renewal and delivers superantioxidants to the skin

    Aloe Vera* – Healing and acts as an electrolyte assisting to retain hydration levels

    Omega Essential Fatty Acids* – Deeply nourishes and nurtures skin cells, hydrates, calms and soothes

    Pure Sea Buckthorn* – Promotes regeneration, hydration and elasticity in the skin

    Pure Pomegranate* – Antioxidant, rich in vitamin C, increasing collagen and skin elasticity

    Pure Rosehip* – Extremely rich in absorbable Vitamin A (retinol), Vitamin C and essential fatty acids for deep nourishment

    Pure Carrot* – Healing, regenerative, tonifying and offers antiseptic properties

    Marine Polyphenols* – Potent antioxidant properties protect skin against damaging UVA and UVB rays. Unique marine extracts blocking the degradation of collagen and elastin, soothing and preserving against aging

    Pure Bergamot* – Antiseptic and antiviral action to clear congestion while calming inflammation

    Pure Damascus Rose* – Properties of hydration, enhances natural hyaluronic acid levels and an antiseptic to purify and clear the skin’s tissues

    Calendula  Antioxidant, warming, healing and soothing with anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties

    Ylang Ylang  Calming, nourishing, refreshes fatigued skin, a natural antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, helps to clear congestion, balancing oil flow and improving the texture of breakout skin

    Lavender* healing and calming properties with a natural antibiotic effect, balances both oily and dry skin types with anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, therapeutic and antimicrobial properties

    Daalgall  Australian Native with 7x higher antioxidant levels than blueberries, supports healthy collagen formation and production, improving skin tone and firmness

    Noongi helps to slow free radical damage from UV and environmental stressors with high levels of Vit C and anthocyanins improving skin radiance.

    * Certified organic ingredients. All other ingredients are classified as wild grown or natural plant extracts, naturally organic minerals, vitamins or compounds.

    What is Olivane ™?

    Olivane ™ is a special Mayella power ingredient made from squalene. Squalene is a superantioxidant and fighter against free radical damage, oxidation and UV radiation.

    In healthy human skin, squalene is found abundantly in the membranes forming our cells and is an essential part of various processes in the body. We wanted to create products that deliver superantioxidants to your skin, so we created Olivane ™ – a concentrated formulation of squalene's protective benefits.

    You will see Olivane ™ in many of our products as it now forms the base of many items in the Mayella skincare range.


    Australian Native Ingredients

    To survive in some of the harshest places on earth, Australian Native plants have evolved an innate plant intelligence over time, leading them in response to their environment to store high concentrations of antioxidants and vitamins. The traditional owners of our lands recognised the plants' unique ability to thrive and their nutritional value. Australian Indigenous People were nourished and healthy, surviving on their diet as gatherers of these native plants. Passed through the generations, Aboriginal People have shared their knowledge of these plants, and their properties are a gift to our health and wellbeing today.


    Source and sustainability

    Mayella ® Natural and Botanical Skinfoods are 100% pure, clean, vegan skincare made in Australia. We source globally from the optimal geographic destinations, boutique producers, and it is our privilege to work with growers of fairtrade and sustainable origins.

    How to use

    Use morning or night.

    Shake bottle well and disperse 1–2 pumps of Mayella Multi-Vitamin Enriched Whip onto clean, dry hands. Press whip onto your whole face and neck, massaging in gently with an upward and outward circular motion.

    Face and neck will be left feeling hydrated and balanced. For best results, follow with a Mayella Olivane™ Repair Serum.

    Store in a cool, dry place below 30°C / 86°F.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Jenny Adams
    The Best

    The Anti-aging anti-inflammatory Multivitamin Enriched Whip is the best face moisturiser I have ever used -
    You only require a small amount for face and neck and your face feels nourished all day - thank you ladies for this amazing, beautiful whip❤️

    Coralie Griffiths
    a great product

    I love this facial moisturiser, it leaves my skin feeling so soft and hydrated without being greasy, sticky or dry like some other moisturisers I tried in the past. I love the fact that Mayella uses genuine natural ingredients.

    Darren Adams
    Beautifully Nourishing

    Love love love this Anti - ageing Anti Inflammatory Enriched Whip….not much needed to cover face and neck….my skin feels nourish all day ….thank you it’s beautiful
    I have tried a lot of face creams… this is the best I’ve used :)

    Brooke Chamberlain
    Must try

    The most beautiful skincare, I won’t use anything else. It makes your skin so nice and dewy and hydrated. It has improved the overall quality of my skin and I can’t recommend it enough.

    Joel Simmons
    Maintaining healthy skin

    very nice products, not heavy or artificial. I really like the multi-vitamin whip would definitely recommend these products to maintain healthy skin or repair skin problems