Mayella Shopping Tote Bag

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The organised Shoppers best friend is here.
Mayella Living "Nourish to Flourish" Calico compartmentalised shopping bag with sturdy wide flat straps making is both strong and comfortable to carry. Stitched pocket bands on the inner side protect long and delicate items, fresh produce, as well as holding bottles upright and separate so they won't leak or damage other contents.

Two of the inner compartments are quite a bit larger than the other four and will fit a variety of fresh produce or delicate items. The wide straps make for a comfortable fit and over the shoulder carry leaving your hands free as you shop.

Our Mayella Living environmentally friendly BYO shopping bags have reinforced stitching, are well finished and are of exceptional quality. Made for the serious shopper to use and reuse.

Made to make shopping comfortable and fun without any fuss.

Turn inside out to wash and air dry.

100% Certified Organic Cotton

Individual panel pockets to seperate delicate items or hold bottles upright. 

Handle 3.81cm wide with cross stitch
Size - 38cm x 33cm x 20 cm