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Boost energy & beat Brain Fog

October 19, 2022

 How you ask?


Can it be as simple as that...?
In so many ways yes, it can be as simple as including protein in your day. With many sources of protein, the key is establishing which proteins work best for you. 

 Often protein is thought of as the muscle building nutrient which it certainly is, but it is also so much more than that. Protein can boost energy levels and beat brain fog as well as help to build a healthy strong body. Important for people of all ages, protein is essential for:

            • Growing healthy young bodies into adults with with good protein intake connected to height & weight parameters. And amino acids such as lysine and arginine are associated with release of Growth Hormone factor.
            • Protein provides building blocks for the chemicals = neurotransmitters, that coordinate healthy brain function.
            • Immune function, amino acids act as an immune tonic, coordinating production of antibodies, cytokines (inflammatory response) and eliminating toxic substances.
            • Liver detoxification. Fatigue can be a sign of an unhappy liver. 
            • Amino acids help to regulate activation of immune function - T lymphocytes, B lymphocyres, our natural killer cells and macrophages, even gene expression. 

So how does protein help with brain fog? Well protein is a key player in the Citric Acid Cycle, the energy production machine inside the mitochondria - the powerhouse of our cells. Amino acids which are the building blocks of protein, feed into and support the Citric Acid Cycle (also known as the Krebs cycle). Making protein essential for energy production. 

Our brain is one of the most energy hungry parts of our body so it makes sense if we are not eating enough protein, and therefore reducing the amino acids contributing to energy production, then we are not providing the ingredients needed to support our energy cycle and won't have healthy brain function = brain fog!
One of the first things a person feels when they optimise their protein is energy and a clear head, bonus - not needing to be relying on quick fixes such as sugar and caffeine to get through the day!

Besides energy, adequate protein intake is essential for liver detoxification. Besides herbs such as Liquorice found in our Nourish Blend and Rest Easy Tea & vitamins like Vitamin C, specific amino acids improve phase 1 & 2 liver detoxification pathways. 

The second phase of liver detoxification is heavily nutrient dependent, making regular intake of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other supportive compounds e.g. sulfurophane - found in broccoli > also an ingredient in Mayella Sunshine & Hemp, (also rich in Vitamin C! )to enable optimal detoxification pathways. Eliminating toxins is key to feeling energetic and enjoying good health.

The liver has 3 phases of detoxification all equally important in helping to eliminate the abundance of toxins our bodies are bombarded by daily. If our Liver is not coping with the detoxification process, we can feel tired, gain weight, experience skin breakouts and rashes, heated skin or temperature and basically become unwell. There is no safe level of toxicity and our liver is one hard working organ trying to keep us healthy, well and detoxified!

Essential fatty acids, B vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamins A & E, iron, copper , zinc and magnesium work in harmony to support healthy liver function.

Protein provides building blocks for the chemicals that coordinate healthy brain function. Neurotransmitters serotonin, acetylcholine, dopamine, glutamate and GABA rely on specific amino acids as building blocks.

GABA is known for producing a calming effect, decreasing anxiety, fear, stress. A deficiency of GABA can lead to sensitivity to anxiety, stress and mood swings.

Serotonin helps to regulate the internal body clock and helping to remain sleepy, sleep deeper and wake in morning. Serotonin plays several roles in your body, including influencing learning, memory, happiness as well as regulating body temperature, sleep and hunger. Deficiency of serotonin plays a role in depression, anxiety, unusual sleep patterns, chronic fatigue and constantly vivid dreams.

A big part of our ability to think and plan, Dopamine helps with attention span, stimulates our creativity and cognitive function. Associated with how we feel pleasure, satisfaction. motivation and sense of reward from activity we are engaged in. A lack of dopamine can show with restless legs, hand tremors, muscle spasms & cramps ( as with Parkinson's disease) and tiredness, moodiness, be unmotivated and an inability to focus.

Acetylcholine carries signals among brain cells and is important for memory & brain function, muscle movement, reducing stress and anxiety.

Glutamate is an excitory neurotransmitter acting very quickly, needed in appropriate amounts to be effective and optimal balance is key to its benefits.

Mood, clear and quick thinking, muscle function and stress management depend on having a good intake of protein.

An immune tonic, protein is key to our immune function! Increased protein can help maintain immune function. Cancer as an example of  treating or preventing chronic disease will benefit from increased protein intake as will motor neuron diseases such as Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and auto immune conditions.

Woman exercising with yoga beside a pool in exotic garden

The important point here is source of protein and quality of protein with a daily intake. Natural sources of protein are best for daily health and wellness, providing balanced growth factor for young people and the numerous brain/organ/body/systems benefits as mentioned above. Isolated proteins are popular with body building and for targeted results in specific practice. Isolated meaning concentrated protein less fats and other nutrients and specific amino acids to support muscle gain etc. 

couple cooking a healthy meal Mayella Brain fog and benefits of protein blog

 Natural sources of protein vary from meat to algae to funghi to plant. Each offering protein with varying desirability depending on your body metabolic ability, ethical choices and tastebuds!

Mayella Sunshine & Hemp Protein Blend on a wooden teaspoon with white flowers in background

  • Hemp - Being 50% protein makes hemp the ultimate plant protein. It's easily digestible and has the complete amino acid profile our bodies need. Plus abundant vitamins and minerals such as vitamin E, iron, manganese, magnesium and heart health friendly essential fatty acids. Eating lean proteins such as hemp boosts the metabolism, benefits digestion, and promotes lean body mass. Hemp protein doesn’t contain any cholesterol or saturated fats unlike many sources of animal proteins. 

tray of various wild foraged mushrooms

        • Mushrooms eg Shiitake & Maitake mushrooms contain some protein and although they're not a large source of this macronutrient, they are delicious and do offer all of the essential amino acids plus essential vitamins and minerals.

hands holding spirulina from water where it is growing

        • Algae such as Spirulina are up to 60 % protein and are easily absorbed, digested, offering numerous other nutritions such as B Vitamins, essential fatty acids, detoxing & blood building chlorophyl. They are a whole food in them selves!

 Speaking of wholefoods and concentrated nutrients....

 Mayella Sunshine & Hemp Protein Blend is deliciously packed with powerful superfoods and protein, helping to provide sustained energy. The trio of Maitake Mushroom, iodine-rich kelp and dense, sulphurous greens contain anti-tumour properties, promoting cell repair and regeneration plus Rosehip & Kakadu Plum provide super antioxidant levels of natural Vitamin C..

Dehulled hemp protein provides a highly-usable form of concentrated plant protein, approx 55% in our Sunshine & Hemp - boosting energy in the body while working to keep the immune system strong. 

This blend contains a nutty flavour with a light, crunchy texture which apart from its high concentration of protein, sets it apart from many plant-based proteins.  Deliciousness!!!


Mayella Sunshine & Hemp Protein Blend sitting on  wooden board with various fruits pineapple bananas kiwifruit and white flowers

Try this easy peasy recipe for a delicious snack the whole family will love with only 4 ingredients!!!
Making these bars is fast and easy which means you can make them again & again without any effort - bonus as they do get eaten pretty fast 😍
Nut Butter, bananas & Oats plus Mayella Hemp Protein Blend provide a balance of carbohydrates, protein, healthy fats and fibre so you know you are eating a snack that will sustain and nourish.
3 medium bananas
2 cups rolled oats
6 tablespoons nut butter = peanut, almond, macadamia
3 tablespoon Mayella Sunshine & Hemp powder
Chopped Pistachio nuts or desiccated coconut or sugar free dark chocolate or your choice.

Preheat oven to 180c and line a baking tray with coconut oil or use baking paper.
Mash the bananas and mix together with oats, nut butter and Hemp powder.
Spread the dough evenly in the prepared dish, then sprinkle with topping of your choice. Lightly press into the dough.

Bake for approx 20 minutes or until an inserted toothpick comes out clean. Cool for 20minutes in the pan then carefully transfer the whole uncut bar onto a rack for further cooling. The more time you give them to cool, the easier it will be to cut them - warning, it can be difficult to wait when they smells so good!

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