4 Nutrient-Rich Drinks Recipes to Get your Body Started Right

4 Nutrient-Rich Drinks Recipes to Get your Body Started Right

January 04, 2022

"When we get the inside right, everything else falls into place" - Eckhart Tolle

Mayella is based on knowing exactly this - when we look after our inner health and wellbeing (mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically) all else will fall into place.

We exude a radiance, our skin is healthy and glowing, we have energy when we wake in the morning, our thoughts and emotions are in harmony.

And because health and wellness begin in the gut, so we thought the best way we could support you in your journey of health was to share a few delicious gut-loving recipes to get your year off to a healthy and energising start.

Here are four easy recipes to have on rotation to get your body the daily fuel it needs...


Nourish and Nurture Smoothie Recipe

  • 200ml milk of choice (oat or almond milk are particularly nice with this recipe)
  • 1 banana fresh or frozen (frozen will make your smoothie thicker and creamier)
  • 1 teaspoon raw cacao powder
  • 1 teaspoon Nourish Formulated Blend
  • 1 tablespoon goji berries (you can also use Mayella Acai Berry Beautiful Blend instead)
  • 2 medjool dates, pitted
  • Optional: 1//2 cup ice if you prefer a thicker or icy smoothie

Blend and enjoy this nourishing, energising smoothie.

Tip: you can make this smoothie in the morning, take it to work and put it in the fridge until later in the day.

Why this smoothie is so amazing...

Nourish Formulated Blend

The combination of greens and adaptogenic ingredients, licorice and maca, work together to boost nutrient levels while working to alkalise, energise and gently detox the body. Importantly, our Nourish Blend offers a harmonious lifeline to your endocrine system = hormones! Supporting busy lives, tired or stressed systems, recovery from illness and overcoming anxiety and depression.

Nourish Formulated Blend is the perfect afternoon power lift. Often you will find yourself reaching for a coffee or sweet treat to give you a quick energy lift to get you through the afternoon concentration zone.

Cravings happen when the body tries to compensate for what's missing its cycles and functions and also due to addictions. A smoothie could be just what your body needs to overcome the peak and crash energy cycles that feel extremely depleting to the body. After school or before sports, after a training session, the combination of ingredients you mix Nourish with in your smoothie or juice will be a delicious and energising, clean green, enduring source of energy and nutrition.

Greens Morning Shot Recipe

This is a simple one so no excuses not to do this!

Stir it in a glass and drink it down! 

It's very refreshing and you will find, quite addictive as you feel so good!

Why this shot is so energising...

Alkalise Green & Go

As a start to your day, before you have solid foods, tea or coffee, an Alkalise Green & Go shot will 'switch on' metabolic pathways, ignite your digestion, gently help to eliminate toxins and stimulate healthy blood building processes.

Technically it's about your body chemistry and cycles such as the Krebs cycle and Glycolysis oxygen and energy pathways. Paired with the catalysts needed for activating the elimination of various acids, toxins and waste from the overnight repair and maintenance your body has been carrying out while you were sleeping.

A daily Alkalise Green & Go is a bit like a Feng Shui treatment for your body, moving your energy along the right channels and eliminating clutter!

Power Up Smoothie Recipe

  • 200 ml milk of choice
  • 1 tablespoon Sunshine & Hemp Protein Blend
  • ½ mango cheek or ½ avocado or 1 banana, or all if you’re super hungry. Fresh or frozen is fine but frozen will create a more creamy and thicker smoothie
  • Small handful of almonds or walnuts

Blend and enjoy as a complete meal or healthy snack.

Tip add in 1 teaspoon Mayella Nourish Blend to add benefits of alkalising greens and adaptogenic herbs.

    Why this smoothie is so nourishing...

    Sunshine & Hemp Protein Blend

    Our Sunshine & Hemp Protein Blend (which offers approx. 55% protein!) is easily digested and rich in nutrients, which help to energise the body and build healthy muscles.

    We have created this super blend with an array of superfoods – fruits, mushrooms, seaweed and vegetables – that all contribute their powerful immune-building and vitality-boosting properties.

    As well as providing a complete amino acid profile, Sunshine & Hemp Protein Blend is also rich in beta carotenes which are provitamins the body uses to make Vitamin A – an antioxidant that helps to reduce free radical activity and damage in the body. An organic and wildcrafted blend of beta carotene-rich fruits and plant-based protein to fill you up with sunshine and vitality, helping to balance and overcome the effects of stress and to reduce symptoms of fatigue.

    Easily digested and slightly nutty in taste, this vegan blend supports healthy muscle-building, energy and the immune system. A complete plant protein suitable for everyone!

    Berry Beautiful Smoothie Recipe

    • 200ml milk of choice
    • 1 heaped teaspoon Acai Berry Beautiful
    • 1 teaspoon chia seeds
    • 5 ml organic or true vanilla essence or paste.
    • Add 1/2 cup of ice if you’d like it to be icey and thicker.

    Blend and enjoy the berry goodness.

    Why this recipe is so berrylicious...

    Acai Berry Beautiful

    Made 100% from fruits, Manuka honey and nothing else - no flavours, bulking agents or additives. Mayella Acai Berry Beautiful is a potent antioxidant combination of berry fruits high in anthocyanins and the epic Kakadu Plum - the purest, richest source of natural Vitamin C known. Such a delicious combination of goodness, energy and taste, this is one you will enjoy adding to smoothies, juices, milk, and simply sprinkling on everything! Add to muesli, oats, yoghurt, fruit or fruit salads, into bliss balls and straight off the spoon on those sore throat, rundown and tired days.

    As a potent antioxidant blend, Acai Berry Beautiful is your year-round friend. Antioxidants are a group of molecules that are anti-oxidation in your body. Oxidation is a naturally occurring process that involves the production of free radicals as a part of the process. Even though this is a naturally occurring process, through diet and lifestyle choices we help to balance the process or not…When oxidation takes over, oxidative stress, then you are in a cycle of inflammation, aging and dis-ease.


    We hope you enjoy these delicious recipes and manage to incorporate a few into your days. Your body will absolutely love you for it!

    If you try any of these, let us know in the comments below which ones you loved.


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