When your skin doesn't fit right, whats the answer?

When your skin doesn't fit right, whats the answer?

May 12, 2022

Our skin is sensory, our largest organ and our skin is what we see when we look at ourselves.

Many surveys recently have shared results that show our skin insecurities can have a big impact on our mental and emotional health. To the point where 34% in one survey said they would give up Netflix subscription for life in order to have perfect skin!

In recent time, we’ve been dealing with pandemics, working from home, zoom meetings, so many changes to our usual routines and lifestyles in a relatively short amount of time. 

Lockdowns have forced many former face-to-face interactions to be held virtually, causing people to spend more time looking at them selves online and one report found, leading to unsatisfied feelings. Adding to the mix, the new “maskne” with the skin toxicity, inflammation and congestion many have been experiencing with the constant wearing of masks for long periods of time, further complicates what many experience in the journey of enjoying the skin they are in.

NB we highly recommend a regular masque treatment to deeply support skin healing, decongestion, hydration and soothing inflammation in overcoming the "mask-ne".

Woman applying Mayella Hydrate Masque with natural fibre brush to her face as part of a skincare routine


As if we weren’t critical of ourselves enough already, adding to our near impossible levels of comparison is the all too common use of filters and looking for perfection in what we share via socials.

Fortunately to counter the filter & perfection pressures, some people have created almost cult movements via socials to share and encourage belief in the "you are beautiful exactly as you are " message.

Even so, we have a long way to go with self-love, self-value, self confidence, self worth, self-acceptance!

 Still some of the pressures felt when skin isn’t perfect isn’t only about breakouts, acne, cellulite, stretch marks and scars.

Conditions such as eczema and psoriasis are also having deeper impacts on mental health, anxiety and wellbeing.

Eczema & psoriasis are inflammatory skin conditions, with deeper roots of cause to their appearance. The actual physical symptoms such as loss of sleep, social isolation, appearance of skin, discomfort and itching are being shown in studies to be affecting both physical and mental health. Surveys also share a strong association between enhanced inflammatory states and increased depression and anxiety – meaning when our bodies are physically inflamed, in a state of un-wellness, oxidative stress, poor function and recovery, it creates a flow on to depression and anxiety. Nervous systems are in a state of distress.

Our nervous system is the one system of the body that connects and communicates with each and every other system of the body. So if the nervous system isn't happy - the body isn't happy!

Our skin will not only react to external factors, the skin will also express what is happening internally. Diet, toxicity, an over acidic system, hydration/dehydration all have an impact on our skin. As do the external factors such as environment and pollution with our physical and emotional states all weighing in just as important.

Studies show movement and physical activity has an impact on our mental and emotional state of being as much as it does on our physical body, affecting our brain chemistry = happy brain chemicals when we move and exercise / depressed, sad and anxious with  a lack of needed brain chemicals when we don't move or exercise. This is a whole topic on its own! Back to our skin....

One survey shared these results;

  • 32% had acne scars as their top concern toward their insecurities, with 30% and 25% feeling the same way about stretch marks and existing acne, respectively.
  • 54% admitted they struggle to find time for self-love and self-care.
  • 62% prioritise the needs of others and neglect their own mental health. 
  • 58% said they have experienced social anxiety due to bad skin in the past. 
  • 61% said they'd skip events altogether instead of going through the hassle of dealing with their skin insecurities. 

  Sketch of a woman sitting cross legged with self worth messages written over her body

There is a strong trend appearing how skin symptoms play an important role in mental health and how we feel about our selves.

Holistic care is the key to turning around not only our skin health but also our mental and emotional health. 

This is 100% the belief we have always shared in everything we live and breathe at Mayella - the importance of the inside and out approach to healthy skin and you guessed it, our environment + healthy mind and wellbeing. Our holistic range of skincare, nutrition, herbal teas and eco living products are in sync with living to nourish and nurture self and the planet. The research is shining a big bright spotlight on the importance of this approach now more than ever with recent years highlighting so much that is happening in people’s lives and the adaptations having to be made affecting mindset, health and wellbeing.

 Garden setting with a woman sitting on picnic blanket with pineapple, Mayella stainless steel drink flask, vintage radio and bicycle in background.

So what is the answer?

Mindfulness is one important key. 

What is Mindfullness?

" A mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique."

There is a strong trend appearing how skin symptoms play an important role in mental health and how we feel about our selves. And vice versa, our mental and emotional health affecting our gut / skin microbiome then if unchecked or unsupported - spiralling around and around, layer on layer, becoming a vicious cycle of circles back to impacting our emotional and mental health and so on to our skin and physical health. Practicing mindfulness in your day can be a game-changer in breaking this spiralling cycle.

Holistic care and practicing mindfulness in your daily living and lifestyle, mind body soul, means taking a 5D approach to your day.

- Coming back to Nature.

- Making time to move your body – dance, yoga, walking, pilates, swimming.

- Rest, good sleeping habits and downtime.

- Fresh foods and whole foods, making food – ditch the fast foods and processed foods, they aren’t nourishing you!

- Avoiding personal care products and anything that goes on your skin that contain artificial fragrances, toxic chemicals, hormone disrupters & preservatives.

- Embrace daily rituals and the joy of natural skincare that you can feel nourishing and supporting the function of your skin!

- Practicing positive daily habits that support your sense of wellbeing, happiness, fulfilment, purpose. Make time for you.

- Turn off the phone and TV and go native! Meaning the times before tech and TV ruled our lives. Not only does this give you a stack more time in the day and evenings, it frees you up to be in the moment and notice the world around you. Take a break from blue light & try to avoid the last look at night at least 30 minutes before bed as the blue light from your phone restrains the production of Melatonin, a hormone that is involved with your circadian rhythm - your wake/sleep cycle. Making it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep until the morning or waking up tired. 

- Consciously focus on letting go of the addictive habits such as alcohol every night to relax, sugar, smoking, an excess of coffee to keep you going - because that’s what you do. Even if you’re stressed and the constant caffeine is pushing your stress /cortisol levels higher, sugar is making you break out and the price of cigarettes is stressing out your budget let alone your health? It's not worth it!

The research shows that making the choice to have your morning coffee 60-90 minutes after you wake up as opposed to first thing is one of the best health hacks you can do for your self. Which creates time to drink a glass of water, move around a bit, open your eyes and enjoy some natural light to trip brain/body chemistry & functions on, have a green shot or juice, a green smoothie to detox and alkalise after a nights sleep. You'll find the coffee tastes better and you don't have the slump in the afternoon that you think requires another coffee or sugar to get over it 🤨

Tip; it's not always about giving up coffee, its about making better choices how and when you enjoy a coffee. One simple way to working out if you're having too much coffee - if you can't sleep well at night, you're drinking too much coffee.

- Meditate. Meditation can happen in many ways, find what works for you and create the regular moments to daily tune in to self and switch off from all the noise is essential to being present, supporting mental and emotional wellness and being you. Some find walking in nature - parks, the beach, a form of meditation. Find what works for you. 

- We are what we eat. This is not about body shaming or diets, this powerful sentence connects back into choosing foods that nourish and nurture you in good health and vitality!

Shop at local markets and in places that sell fresh whole-foods, don't go down the aisles that have all the junk and embrace how much fun it is to make good food at home. We are so blessed with the many healthy food options available when we go out, why is it that fast and over processed foods are still so popular? Marketing, price, trending? Life is too short to eat junk. Read that again and add it to the sentence "we are what we eat". Life gets short when we eat junk aka foods with low or zero nutritional value. We get sick, unhappy, dis-eased, genes are triggered by states of inflammation, congestion, acidity and toxicity leading to expressions such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, fibromyalgia, MS, Alzheimers and so on.

One way to help your self change food cravings and mind set about food is to introduce a green smoothie or juice into your day. Why? Well they are highly nutritious and these delicious and concentrated drinks nourish and nurture your body with a variety of minerals. vitamins, gut friendly fibre, phytonutrients and enzymes such as S.O.D (known for its anti cancer benefits). Helping your body to function efficiently, thrive and be energised! 

Encouraging a better rhythm between acid and alkaline, greens alkalise and gently detox your body, taste buds get a reset, helping things as a big plus to taste better. Potentially you will get less cravings as the body has access to more complete nutrients to do what it wants to do every second of the day & night - stay alive & thrive!

Tip: try our Alkalise Green & Go greens challenge and completely reset your life and health. We even gift you a prize for being good to your self! 

 When your skin doesn't fit right, the answer lies in a variety of avenues that are so worth walking down, all of the above and here...

- Making changes and breaking habits that don't serve you well. 

- Reaching out to people who are uplifting, can support you and love you into seeing your self as the amazing person you are!

- Seeking health care practitioners and finding answers to your questions.

- Move your beautiful body, it feels amazing to experience what your body is capable of and getting out of your head a little bit is always a good idea 😊

Two women outdoors laughing in conversation

We're always here to chat to and have an incredible network of practitioners we can share with you if you'd like some support or guidance on where to start. Email us at or leave a comment below and share what has been helpful to your journey...we're all on a journey right?!


Love and Laughter always

Amanda & Robyn xx







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