Mayella Green Harmony Capsules

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endurance | detox | immunity

Pure organic source of phytonutrients, enzymes and chlorophyll for a powerful aid in building levels of endurance, immunity, healthy cell growth and maintaining a resistance to fatigue and illness. High in antioxidants such as vitamin C, S.O.D and minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, selenium, iodine and zinc.

Many vitamins and mineral supplements available now are synthetic, man made mimicing the function of Mother Natures ingredients. One of the major benefits of Mayella Organics is in their natural formulation and raw goodness with the combination of organic plants found in our blends for unique benefits to your everyday diet and health.

The benefits of enjoying Mayella Organics are easy to see when you know there are no additives, bulking agents, no hidden sugars or flavours, no pesticides or chemicals - only the pure concentrated, raw and natural whole foods of our organic ingredients.

Organic and ethical farming practices ensure with harvetsing and specialised minimal processing we are capturing maximum vitality and nutrient content, you can feel the lifeforce energy of our Nutritional Blends and their benefits!

- Green Harmony Blend holds the perfect daily dose of complex phytonutrients, enzymes, minerals, vitamins, protein and essential fatty acids for all age groups, young and old.

- Suitable during pregnancy and post birth to support healthy blood hemoglobin, iron, zinc, copper, folate, vitamin K, protein levels and energy!

- Every gram offers a complete source of 100% Australian grown and processed organic superfoods - concentrated plant based nutrition.

- Clean source of easily digested Gluten Free fibre so important for elimination of toxins and bowel health.

- Naturally high levels of bioavailable Vitamin C make Mayella Green Harmony your best friend to keep the cold and flu germs away!

- Rich in Chlorophyll, a known detoxifier and helpful in eliminating body odor, cleansing and spring cleaning your lymph system inside out. A healthy lymph system means a strong immune system.

- Easily absorbed and digested source of vegan protein for strength and lasting energy.

- Alkalise to stay healthy and vital! Maintain natural acid to alkaline cycles needed for our bodies to function to their fit and healthy best.

- The best natural supplement powder in handy take anywhere capsules for the health and wellbeing of people of all ages. For some people capsules suit lifestyle and ease of ensuring they access the nutritional goodness they need to be awesome - every day!

Tips: Keep a tub of Mayella Green Harmony Capsules in your desk drawer at your work. Its easy to rsush out the door some mornings without thinking of your self. Take 2- 4 capsules daily at morning tea or mid afternoon to give your system a much needed boost.

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