Mayella Green Harmony Nutritional Blend : Body balance & energise to build cellular health, maintain immunity with Vitamin C, minerals + gut friendly fibre !

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An easy way to help the body to detoxify and build endurance

Mayella Green Harmony contains easily-absorbed plant proteins, making it the perfect addition to boost protein levels in your diet. It's 100% natural with no synthetic additions, supporting the body and immune health while helping you to build endurance and detoxify.

The perfect greens powder for your family

The whole family can enjoy this green superfood blend, including children (mix a spoonful into yogurt or a smoothie for a bright colour and subtle taste!). It’s safe during pregnancy and for people who want to include natural health therapy when recovering from complex health conditions. A daily heaped teaspoon of Mayella Green Harmony will alkalise and harmonise the body, allowing for a gentle daily detox, body balance and the energy to build cellular health. 


  • Supports detoxification and endurance
    Helps to alkalise and harmonise the body allowing for a gentle daily detox and the energy to build cellular health.

  • Assists key body functions while supporting immunity
    Contain a rich source of soluble fibre with vitamins, minerals, plant proteins, vital enzymes and valuable phytonutrients to support the body.

  • Helps to cleanse the lymph system
    Rich in chlorophyll, a known detoxifier, helping to eliminate body odour and cleanse the lymph system from the inside out. A healthy lymph system means a strong immune system. 

  • Suitable for pregnancy and post-birth
    Helps to build energy and support healthy blood hemoglobin, iron, zinc, copper, folate, vitamin K, vitamin C and protein levels making it particularly helpful for pregnancy and post-birth. 

  • Suitable for all age groups and complex health conditions
    Can be enjoyed by people of all ages, including children, and for people who want to include natural health therapy when recovering from health conditions. 

  •  100% Australian grown ingredients containing Kakadu Plum & Barley Grass - also a naturally abundant source of Vitamin C and iron, their presence together in an alkalising blend facilitates the efficacy of each other. Vitamin C facilitates iron absorption by forming a chelate with ferric iron at acid pH that remains soluble at the alkaline pH of the duodenum.

Our organic nutritional blends are clean, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, caffeine-free, palm oil-free, and never contain any fillers, sugars, or bulking agents.  

Organic ingredients

Australian Kakadu Plum – The world's highest food source of vitamin C, nourishes and protects the skin, promotes collagen production, assists in the prevention of hyperpigmentation for clear, bright skin.

Australian Wheat Grass – Supports antibody production, stimulates tissue growth and repair, supports energy production, assists the body to detoxify and cleanse.

Australian Oat Grass – Antioxidant, blood cleanser, nourishes and strengthens the nervous system and stimulates immune functions.

Australian Barley Grass – Antioxidant, detoxifying, a powerhouse of minerals and nutrients.

Australian Alfalfa – Alkalising, aids digestion, supports weight loss, reduces appetite.


Source and sustainability

Mayella Green Harmony Nutritional Blend is 100% grown, harvested and manufactured in Australia.  Wheatgrass is a 100% pure, clean vegan superfood, grown in a clean, green unpolluted environment and pristine conditions. Organic and ethical farming practices ensure we are capturing maximum vitality and nutrient content at the time of harvest.

Mayella Green Harmony Capsules are also certified palm oil-free with Orangutan Alliance.


How to use

Mix 1 teaspoon into a glass of water, coconut water, your favourite fruit or vegetable juice or blend into a smoothie. Can be taken with food or without. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
A great blend of goodness

I love starting my day with this blend. It's very easy to mix and drink. I feel like I'm getting off to a health start.

Frances Nieves
Highly recommend!!

I am so grateful to have found this natural organic range of products which has enriched my wellness journey.