7 Reasons to Enjoy the Incredible Health Benefits of Wild Rooibos Chai

7 Reasons to Enjoy the Incredible Health Benefits of Wild Rooibos Chai

March 01, 2020

Chai is the perfect example of everything that is new again.

It conjures up images of times gone by when villagers and villages came together as one, we surrendered, shared and lived life as one, times of being wild and free.

When our food and drink was sourced from the earth, when a problem shared was a problem halved. A time where handcrafted food was all there was and no need for labels and packaging.

We bared our souls for all to see, we traded goods and recipes and enjoyed the little things.

Having tea is one constant that remains from a quieter and more mindful time, a time that many of us today are yearning for.

Chai is known as the spice of life. It warms our souls, creates harmony and brings balance to our internal life force — our prana.

And if that’s not giving you the urge to slow down, put your feet up and wrap your hands around a hot mug of chai, here are 7 other reasons to enjoy a Wild Rooibos Chai today...  

1. Wild Rooibos Chai is organic, 100% natural and free from anything artificial

Not all chais are created equal! Beware of those containing nasty additives and preservatives and that are flavoured and sweetened.

Not only do they lack in taste, but they also don’t provide any health benefits and can actually be bad for your health. The ingredients in Wild Rooibos Chai are all-natural, completely biodegradable and come as a loose-leaf you won’t ever have to worry about steeping a bleached tea bag in your drink again.

variety of loose ayurvedic spices in bowls and spoons

2. Wild Rooibos Chai is based on unique Ayurvedic principles that have been around for thousands of years

Ayurveda is an ancient Hindu system of medicine which emphasises good health and staying healthy through lifestyle practices. It combines the idea of balance in all of our body systems using diet, herbal treatment and yogic practices, such as breathing and meditation to create harmony.

Each of us has our own internal life force, also known as our dosha. It is also known as the intuition of the body – you know that inner voice we have guiding us towards those daily choices and decisions, the ones that help keep us balanced and thriving?

Have you ever been guided to eat something, have a major food craving or want to run as fast as you can away from a particular food without even knowing why? Your dosha is always guiding you to seek what is best to bring balance to your body and mind through your diet.

3. Wild Rooibos Chai from Mayella is not a tea, it's a tisane… but what’s the difference?

While it may be the first time you’re hearing about tisanes, you’ve very likely already tried them!

Tisanes are what we would usually call herbal teas. They’re infusions made from flowers, leaves, bark, roots, berries, seeds and spices, rather than from actual tea leaves.

Some examples of tisanes are peppermint, lemon balm, camomile, ginger, elderberry and, of course, rooibos.

Some examples of teas are black tea, oolong tea, white tea and green tea.

two turkish tea glasses filled with rooibos tea

4. It’s 100% caffeine-free and sugar-free

If you are avoiding caffeine or simply want a warming evening drink, beware that many chai blends also contain caffeine in the form of black tea which was introduced to chai recipes by British colonies in India and Sri Lanka (the traditional recipes did not contain caffeine).

Wild Rooibos Chai is completely free of caffeine and sugar which makes it the perfect drink to wind down with in the evenings.

5. It supports wellbeing and the immune system

Wild Rooibos Chai leaves you feeling fresh, regenerated, light and calm all over. It’s no wonder with the ingredients being a combination of 100% organic rooibos, fennel, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and pepper. These amazing herbs are known to decrease inflammation, improve heart and bone health, aid digestion, help fight disease and improve digestion, plus help balance hormones... just to name a few of the known potential benefits.

6. Wild Rooibos Chai is a true experience for the senses

It helps us be more mindful in our daily lives as we taste the flavour, smell the spicy aroma and take time to ground ourselves while enjoying our chai.

Buying good quality ingredients to benefit your body and soul is important, it elevates us to take time to honour the food before us. 

Using a daily ritual can serve as a reminder to slow down, calm the nervous system and bring the body back to its best state.

bird eye view of tea in teacup surrounded my loose herbal tea leaves

7. It’s so easy to make a delicious brew at home

All you need to create perfect chai is a great chai blend and a good vessel to brew in. When you brew, be sure to steep it for somewhere between 4 - 15 minutes and also keep it covered while steeping to ensure the flavours develop and the aromas do not escape.

But Wild Rooibos Chai isn’t just for winter! It makes a delicious iced drink and helps you stay hydrated, energised and cool throughout the warmer months, too. Make up a batch of tea and leave some aside in the fridge then pour over ice when you want an energising drink.

Or, if you’re wanting something a little more interesting and even a bit filling, here’s a delicious chai smoothie for you to try… 

A glass jar filled with a beige-coloured smoothie, topped with a sprinkle of loose rooibos tea and dried, red rose petals. It's on a timber table with a bluey-turquoise pot slightly showing in the background.

Wild Rooibos Iced Chai Smoothie

  • 1 cup of steeped and cooled Mayella ® Wild Rooibos Chai
  • 1 cup of coconut milk, coconut water or milk of choice
  • 1 banana, fresh or frozen (frozen will give you an extra creamy texture)
  • A dash of vanilla bean
  • ½ teaspoon of maca powder
  • 1 cup of ice
  • 2-3 medjool dates (can also use rice malt or maple syrup)
  • Optional - add some extra goodness like baby spinach leaves, almonds or cashews (the kids won’t notice!)


  1. Make your chai water by placing 1 teaspoon Wild Rooibos Chai into your teapot or plunger (or more/less depending on your desired strength or the number of people you're preparing for), top with freshly boiled water and let it steep to desired strength (between 4-15 minutes is ideal). Let it cool to room temperature before you move on.

  2. Add all ingredients to your blender and mix until well combined and a thickshake-like consistency, drink in your favourite cup and with your Mayella bamboo straw or stainless steel straw

  3. If you like this mixture, you can also enjoy it as a delicious base for a smoothie bowl, simply pour the mix into a bowl and add tropical fruit, hemp seeds or your favourite granola to the top and bon appetit!

    Visit our post here on other smoothie bowl recipes (scroll to the end to get ideas on flavours and toppings!).

My philosophy is if you are going to have chai, do it right!

It needs to be spicy and bring warmth, flavour and grounding to your soul. There are plenty of coffee snobs out there, so we are starting a whole new trend here! Join the chai snob movement and get your chai here.

Believe me, once you get on the chai bandwagon there is no going back.

Keep in touch on socials and let us know just how you like to enjoy your Wild Rooibos Chai.

Vanessa Nixon
Pellowah Healer
Mental Health Practitioner
Holistic counsellor and Meditation Teacher

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