Simple Ways To Reduce and Remove Puffiness from the Eyes and Face

Simple Ways To Reduce and Remove Puffiness from the Eyes and Face

January 12, 2022

From time to time, we all get puffy eyes. Sometimes we know why - it could be self-inflicted after a big night (or week) of socialising, late nights and lack of sleep, alcohol or eating all the wrong foods. Other times it can be seasonal - like pollen and allergies affecting our sinus, tear ducts and sensitivity of our eyes, leading to the slightly swollen eyelids and puffiness under the eyes.

So what can we do to eliminate puffy eyes when they happen?

The first place to start is to identify your triggers. Knowing which foods, environmental allergies and other triggers affect your eyes are an important step to helping reduce inflammation and puffiness.

But if you’ve been through that and the problem’s still there, here are four of our best tips to bump the puff from your eyes…

Switch out your salt and reduce high-sodium foods and drinks

If you’re using standard table salt (which is pure sodium), switch it over to unbleached, natural salts like Celtic or Himalayan salt. These contain a variety of minerals, potassium and sodium which are important for both your cellular hydration and maintaining water retention in the tissues.

High levels of sodium in foods will lead to an imbalance in the way your body handles its fluids and fats. Cellulite and dimpled skin is often an indication of the body not handling the levels of sodium. High sodium levels can also reduce calcium levels, which isn’t good for bone health, and can be hard on kidney function.

If sodium intake is excess to need, the body holds onto water to dilute it within the body. This increases both the amount of fluid surrounding cells and the volume of blood in the bloodstream. Increased blood volume means more work for the heart and more pressure on blood vessels, which isn’t good for our heart or circulation, leading to high blood pressure, poor heart health, swollen veins and capillaries.

An unbleached salt such as Himalayan salt (pinkish colour) or Celtic salt (greyish colour from the minerals present) has a healthy combination of other useful minerals and potassium which, together with sodium, supports the sodium/potassium pump - very importantly helping to maintain osmotic equilibrium and membrane potential in the cell. This is the healthy in-and-out flow across the cell wall and keeping out what shouldn’t be getting into the cell.

A healthy sodium-potassium balance affects everything from sperm motility (how well they swim) to brain activity and organ function - like the kidneys effectively filtering out toxins and waste products in the blood, keeping the good stuff such as amino acids and glucose, all while maintaining a healthy pH.

When we have excess sodium in our system, and when our body holds onto water to try diluting the sodium, fluids build up in the tissues and in areas where fluid can pool, such as under our eyes and the eye socket = “periorbital puffiness”.

Over time, it can be harder and harder to eliminate the fluid build up as the skin stretches and sags to hold the pool of fluid and creates a permanent “bag”.

Include alkalising green juices and smoothies in your day

Minerals such as magnesium and B vitamins also support a healthy pH balance and fluid balance within the cells, tissues and body function. Hello green smoothies as a natural and easily-absorbed source of balanced minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients such as chlorophyll to detox and nourish the blood and cellular health.

Including more fresh vegetables and fruits, which are naturally high in potassium and low in sodium, in your diet is the best way to reduce excess fluids, reduce puffy eyes and nourish your body to great health!

If you find it hard to get to the market regularly for your fresh fruits and veggies, having Mayella's pure, organic and natural, concentrated nutritional blends in your kitchen means you will always have access to natural whole food goodness of fruits, plants and veggies - no matter the season. Unadulterated and clean plant-based ingredients means you have access to a balanced profile of nutrients as Mother Nature so wisely intended. She really does know best.

Get your lymph system working and pumping - then resting

Exercise and move your body to move and pump the lymph system and eliminate excess fluids through healthy sweating and energy burning. Having a regular way to get your lymphatic system working, blood flowing and also gentle daily detoxification through healthy digestion work wonders to improve puffiness and help you gain and maintain clear, bright eyes.

And then, don’t forget to also allow your body to rest by getting those early nights in to enjoy deep rest. Sleep well, sleep regular hours and go to bed at a consistent time to train your on-off switch. The body will love this routine to engage in rest/repair/renew/eliminate cycles as you sleep!

All aspects of the body need a good night’s rest to keep functioning optimally, yet we often forget (or ignore) just how important it is. Even taking small steps to achieve optimal sleep can make a big difference so do what you can to make mini improvements. A great place to start is to replace or reduce your coffee intake and switch it out with herbal teas and caffeine-free chai. Even if you don’t get to sleep by the time you hoped for, then you at least know you’re not hindering your sleep cycle by having caffeine later in the day.

Create a mini spa ritual at home to help soothe the skin and drain fluid from the face

When you cleanse daily, massage your face in gentle circles around your eyes to encourage fluid drainage. Make sure you use a silky smooth medium such as a cleanser or serum so there is no drag or pulling on delicate skin.

Use a Gua Sha and crystal roller to massage the face, supporting healthy lymph and blood circulation to “drain” or clear build up and flush away toxins around the eyes, muscle and bone structure of the face. This is both energising and toning the tissues as you encourage fluid drainage.

Then finish off with a cooling compress like a crystal eye mask to soothe and improve circulation around the eyes. You can pop your crystal eye mask in the fridge - wrap in a cloth such as our fibre cloths to keep clean and place in the fridge for 20-30 minutes before placing over your eyes and cheeks. This is also a great comfort when you have a headache or sinus pressure.


What do you think about these tips to remove puffiness from the face and eyes? Which tip would you like to try next? Let us know in the comments!

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